African Solution was founded in 2001 with the motto “Waste is a Resource”. Later SEPTEMBER 2018 African Solution was formed to achieve a common vision to contribute towards waste recycling, environmental improvement, Climate action, agriculture, pollution-free oceans, managing and sustaining marine life conservation, renewable energy, poverty reduction through job creation, and sustainable development. 

African Solution is a Social Business Enterprise (SBE) comprising both “For Profit” and “Not-for Profit” enterprises. African Solution has been founded by Abdi Hirsi Ali, a professional architect-urban planner, and Lawyers, Eco-Activist, Environmental lawyer/Academic


When we revived African Solutions in 2017 we did so because we believe Earth is our most valuable resource. We saw plastic was on the verge of becoming one of Earth’s most devastating environmental threats and we took the lead to be a part of the solution.

Plastic was not invented to be thrown away. Plastic is strong, flexible, and built to last. Which is why plastic isn’t the problem. The problem is that we didn’t have a good plan for its future. So now it is packed into landfills, burned at the edges of Mogadishu city and others towns in Somalia sending toxic smoke into the air, and there are continents of it floating at sea killing precious wildlife. Enough is enough.

After years of development for industrial mass production, our patented Plant can consistently converts all types of plastic waste into a high-performing, advanced building material that enables communities, corporations, NGOs and governments to make use of their plastic waste, while cleaning up the planet.

We create jobs, improves infrastructure, and revitalizes neighborhoods everywhere.


Protect the environment by enabling the recycling industry to recycle the unrecyclable.





We strive to be mindful of how every choice we make effects the planet. Reducing our footprint and what we leave behind will help to create a sustainable future for our planet.


This is a team effort. We invest in ourselves and the people in the communities with whom we work so that, together, we can clean up the planet. We can’t do any of this alone.


Being aligned on our mission creates a common purpose. We work tirelessly to produce the best solutions, achieve results and create possibilities that would not otherwise exist. We won’t stop until the work is done.


We lead by example and do our best to do good and be good…. which feels great.


African Solution (AS) is a leading consultancy firm based in Somalia, providing consulting services and project assistance since 2018. African Solution Company (ASC) is a technical arm of African Solution. ASC’s vision is to contribute to poverty reduction, environmental improvement and sustainable development through professional knowledge sharing and provision of advisory services in the low and middle income countries.

While providing consultancy services to its clients, AS adopts multi-disciplinary and participatory approaches, so that most appropriate technological solutions consistent with the prevailing social, economic and institutional contexts are applicable. Moreover, while planning and designing solutions or technical advisory services, we take into account the perceptions, needs and preferences of the users and their long term financial capabilities. AS provides consultancy services, project assistance and support for institutional development, capacity building and innovation in the fields