African Solutions Achievements in the Wake of Covid-19 Pandemic

The pioneering plastic ♻️ Company in Somalia is at it again. It is accomplishing non-stop major impacting solutions. Apart from regular scheduled cleaning of dry lands and marine environments of Somalia and transforming waste plastics from trash to treasure, the once poverty stricken women in IDP camps at Mogadishu surroundings are singing hails to the company thanks to its initiative of empowering them with job opportunities .The women’s lives seem to have moved from grass to grace as they now earn a decent livelihood after being offered jobs as plastic collectors and company workers on the aftermath of training on recycling skills and plastic sorting. As they clean mother earth, and lobby for environmental protection, they are happily pocketing some dollars for their families’ day to day upkeep. The company is also a strong force creating awareness on negative effects of deforestation and the erratic climatic changes witnessed in Somalia annually. The passion to protect the Somali environment has made Abdi Hirsi, the founder, a Somalia household name for holding large conferences to lobby against deforestation and poor disposal of plastics.

Video: Somali women from IDPcamps near the city busy at work.

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