We are utilizing technology to gain insights from point of origin to supply chain, to providing important and timely knowledge about our business and our customer’s businesses. Ultimately ensuring transparency, traceability, process improvement, and innovation.

We partner with organizations that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. We can help you track your commitments to achieving zero landfill and 100% sustainability.

We recover improperly disposed PET, PE, and PP post-consumer plastic waste from our immediate surroundings, waterways, coastlines, and oceans.

Our mission is to reduce PET, PE, and PP plastic pollution and mitigate the inflow of plastic by gradually changing consumer habits.

We process PET, PE, and PP plastic waste into hot-washed flakes and pellets for reuse in manufacturing industries to reduce dependency on virgin materials.

We help companies reduce their carbon emissions and aid them on their path to carbon neutrality. The UN SDGs are at the heart of our recycling efforts.