Water conservation is increasingly being encouraged in crucial sectors of the economy, such as the agriculture sector. This is fuelled by increasing demand for water and growing concerns about water scarcity in society. The United Nations even considers water availability to be a major issue for the 21st century.

A commonly asked question regarding water conservation is how do we conserve water? It is noteworthy that water can be conserved in many ways. One way to conserve water is through rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting is simply the act of collecting rainwater during and/or after rainfalls. Once rainwater has been collected, it is treated and stored for reuse.

Rainwater harvesting has agricultural uses. It can be used for watering gardens in our homes and crop plants in agricultural fields. These reduce the reliance of garden owners and farmers on other sources of water supply, thus saving them money.

Also, we are in a climate change era where intense rainfall is expected. And it can damage agricultural land areas. Rainwater harvesting can be used to divert heavy rainfall from reaching agricultural lands, thereby protecting crop plants from getting damaged.