Marine Environment

Somalia Marine Environments at the Mercy of African Solution Co.

Somalia has the longest shoreline and could be the longer it is, the more surface area there is for damping garbage by the visitors to the beaches. The main rivers, Jubba and Shabelle are carriers of affluence from various industrial plants, careless disposal of residential areas garbage, uphill erosion of plastic materials to the ocean as well as farm chemicals from nearby farms. All the garbage in the water sources pose danger to marine life in various ways. Plastic paper bags have caused the death of several aquatic life. Some animals and plants have been suffocated leading to their demise and disruption of food chains leading to the extinction of most species.

We, humans, are the cause for all the harm caused but have you sat down to think that the plastic waste you damp inappropriately will come back to you from the water you drink and seafood you consume? Africa Solution has been on the front line to clear the mess we create by cleaning the marine environments and surrounding habitats regularly. See their progress below. How African Solution is curbing extinction of marine life. It is a sore sight to watch the damp site and the danger it will cause to both the human perpetrators, and aquatic and terrestrial life.